Because each client's needs are unique, PCF Designs.com, Inc.'s Paul C. Focazio recommends contacting him directly to Trapped in all the Jargon?discuss your project(s) and related pricing information for services. These include: Creation of Web content, site design/maintenance and search engine optimization/online advertising . You can reach Paul directly at 516.250.0116 or via E-mail, paul@pcfdesigns.com.

To give you an idea of Web design costs, you can expect to pay less for an information-based versus an E-commerce-based Web site.

Start-up Costs

Most, but not all, information-based Web sites require less storage space on a hosting company's server than E-commerce-based ones. And, standard information sites usually consist of approximately a half-dozen pages. These pages most likely include a home page as well as ones addressing such things as "Who You Are," "What You Offer," "Frequently Asked Questions," "References," and "Contact Information."

Some designers charge for services by a flat fee, while others, like PCFDesigns.com, Inc., charge per hour. When charging by a flat fee, most designers will quote you a fee of around $400 for site design costs and $100 for each page of your site after the home page. At PCFDesigns.com, Inc., however, we believe that you should pay only for the time it takes to create your site. So, depending on how intricate and large you want your site to be will dictate how much the design will cost you. This excludes hosting, domain name, and other fees outside of designer costs. The approximate price of your site will be addressed during a free consultation - whether in person or via phone - with the Web design consultant. Don't be intimidated to inquire - you can always start small with your site and build it up over time. All your options can be discussed during the initial meeting.

Please Note ... While PCF Designs.com, Inc. will find you the best hosting and domain name rates, these fees do not get paid to us. Instead, these fees will be billed separate from our design costs as fees to the respective domain and/or hosting companies.

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