Here, you'll find a sampling of Content Writer / Design Consultant Paul C. Focazio's writing, Web design and search engine optimization sites, as well as a recent version of his resume of work.


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Web Design and Online Marketing

Provide Web design / maintenance / Search Engine Optimization for a variety of clients, including:

Adam’s Entertainment
Where you'll find out about Adam Rothenberg ... a different kind of entertainer.

Autumn Studio

Offering handcrafted invitations for all occassions: bridal shower, wedding, birthday, baby shower, anniversary, & any special event. A redesign of this site was unveiled in late March 2011.

Avionic Instruments

From its home-base in New Jersey, Avionic Instruments has an installed product base firmly established within the aerospace world.

Association of National Estuary Programs

Writer/Web Developer since August 2001 for this
Washington, D.C.-based non-profit group working to promote and preserve our 28 nationally-designated estuaries. Provide online content and design for the site, including these sections: Special site features: Citizen's Report, Fact Cards, ANEP Recipe Café, NEP Spotlight; ANEP Update. A content and design "remodel" for ANEP's site is slated for mid-late 2011.

Atlantic Bay Sotheby’s International Realty
Includes a weekly real estate blog, Real Estate Now!, that gives visitors a chance to choose what they want to read, watch or listen to.

Faux de Lis
A Long Island-based company offering decorative and straight painting, window treatments, floor coverings, furniture restoration and stenciling. A complete redesign of this site was unveiled in early March 2011.

The Finishing School
Based in New York, Pennsylvania and Atlanta, the Finishing School is one of the nation's finest teaching studios for the art of decorative painting.

Gems of the Past
Based in New York, East Hampton residents Karen and Stevan Adler launched their online jewelry store site in June 2010. The Adlers, long time collectors of antique and estate jewelry, conceived of starting a formal jewelry business in 1993. They are both Graduate Gemologists. Karen is a Certified Gemologist Appraiser (American Gem Society), one of only 400 in all of North America. Steven is a Certified Gemologist.

New York Sea Grant
As part of his responsibilies as a full-time employee at Stony Brook University, PCFDesign.com, Inc.'s Paul C. Focazio created and currently maintains this site, which was redesigned and relaunched in late June 2008. Further redesign efforts are currently underway and will be revealed in mid-late 2011.

New York Sea Grant is one of over 30 programs comprising The National Sea Grant College Program, a network funded by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration in coastal and Great Lakes states. The programs sponsor specific research and provide information about marine resources, recreation and education.

This Web site was the recipient of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's "Spotlight Site of the Month" award in July 2001, the National Sea Grant "People's Choice Award" in March 2001, and the Great Lakes Information Network's "Site of the Month" award in February 2001 for "Being a wonderful resource for information on important research and education programs."

NY-NJ Harbor Estuary Program
One of the 28 National Estuary Programs authorized in 1987 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, The NY-NJ HEP is a multi-year effort to develop and implement a plan to protect, conserve, and restore the estuary. A redesign is slated for mid-2011.

NY-NJ HEP: "Waters We Share"
Because of the many ways the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary is used by the people who live and work in the metro NY area, the estuary has suffered harm from multiple sources. As a result, restoration of this critical ecosystem is needed so that it can continue to provide benefits for all. Launched in October 2009, "Waters We Share" is a collaborative effort developed by the New York-New Jersey Harbor Estuary Program, The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey and the US Army Corps of Engineers - New York District.

Rentals by Gooch
Showcases the properties of Jeff "Gooch" Gurciullo, a project manager for remodeling homes and licensed real estate agent in and around Miami, Florida. Gurciullo owns luxury properties in Miami Beach, FL and East Hampton, NY.

Web Site designs formerly maintained/designed ...

Brent Meyerson Bail Bonds

April 2008 - April 2010
Bail Bondsman Brent Meyerson provides reliable service in all California counties and cities and welcomes all bail and bail bond inquiries. PCFDesigns.com, Inc. does site design, maintainance and Search Engine Optimization work for this site, which was re-launched from it's former portal page status in mid-April 2008.

Josh Herman Bail Bonds

November 2005 - January 2010
This portal page links into nearly a dozen of this client's bail sites, for which PCFDesigns.com, Inc. does site maintainance and Search Engine Optimization work. These Web sites are: LA Bail, Bail Help, International Bail Bonds, Josh Herman Bail Bonds, California Bail, American Bail Bonds, Bail Stop, A Bail Stop, Bail Quick and No Collateral Bail Bonds.

Web Site designs currently off-line

Mike DuBour’s Provincetown
May 2007 - July 2009
A unique site designed to expose Web surfers to Provincetown, Massachusetts and the greater Cape Code area. Weekly blog posts informed visitors to Cape Cod real estate as well as its places to eat, sleep, shop and enjoy leisure activities.

The Shores at Las Colinas

August 2009 - September 2010
This e-newsletter is for the residents of The Shores at Las Colinas, a lakeside residential community in Irving, Texas combining resort-style living with essential modern convenience. The site's content is informative to residents, updating them on the progress currently underway at this little village, an MPA-owned property just minutes from Downtown and North Dallas.

Decorating Craftsmen of Long Island
(online mid-2002 - early 2004)
A Long Island-based organization offering decorative and straight painting, furniture restoration, stenciling, and more. Included a sub-site for ...

Carriage Stop
(online Oct. 2002 - Oct. 2003)
An antiques and furniture store located in Bayside, NY.

Content and Published Writing

Sea Grant features (1999 - present)

Coastlines, Winter '11
- Sea Grant responds to Gulf Oil Spill | +

- NYSG Director James Ammerman in Korea | +

- Cornell Researcher and NYSG Specialist Receive
First-Ever Award | +

Coastlines, Fall '10
- A WWWeb of Lake Ontario Learning | +

- Researchers Identify Ways to Improve Lake Ontario Sportfishing | +

Coastlines, Summer '10
- Under the Microscope with VHS | +
- NYSG Partners to Re-launch, Manage NYSMEA Web Site | +
- Western New York News | +

Coastlines, Spring '10
- Great Lakes Small Harbors Initiative | +
- Hudson River Resource for Teachers and Students  | +

, Fall '09
- Exploring the Hudson | +
- Harmful Algal Blooms Plague Long Island Waters  | +
- Stewards Have Gone Bloggin' | +
- New Research, Education
  Addresses VHS in Great Lakes Fish | +

, Spring/Summer '09
- These Scholars Follow The Fish | +
- Seeking Ways to Stimulate Sportfishing | +

, Fall '08
- We're All Residents of the Great Lakes | +

Coastlines, Fall '07
- Hudson River Study Sets Sail | +
- VHS: The Anatomy of an Emerging Virus | +
- Habitat Restoration Day | +

, Fall '06
- Stewardship Spreads | +
- Spotlight on the Salmon River | +
- Dave White on the Small Screen | +

Coastlines, Spr/Sum '06
- Youth on the "Line" | +

Coastlines, Fall '05
- Brown Tide: The Final Chapter | +
- The Next 'Phase' | +
- Taking Stock of ... Storm Barrier Research | +

Coastlines, Fall '04
- Big Fish, Little Fish | +
- Alewife: Unlocking unknowns of a key species | +

Coastlines, Summer '04
- Powering the Future | +
- Stakeholders Set Great Lakes Priorities | +

Coastlines, Spring '04
- Little Critters, Big Impacts | +
- GLU 2004 "Covers the Lakes" | +
- A Winning Team for Lobster Outreach | +

Coastlines, Fall '03
- Guarding the Lake / Surveying the Stewards | +
- Spreading Exotics Through Ballast Water | +

Coastlines, Summer '03
- Invader Watchers: The Next Generation | +
- Taking Stock of Stocking | +

Coastlines, Fall '02
- Working for Cleaner Marinas /
   Touring ... Along the Hudson | +
- NEMO Rising / Back to the Beach | +
- Small Grants, Big Impacts | +
- Reeling in Weakfish for Sea Grant | +
- Lake Champlain Sea Grant "Stop the Spread" | +

Coastlines, Spring '02
- Focus on Research | +

Coastlines, Fall '01
- Maintaining Coastal Fisheries | +
- Clarifying Water Quality | +
- Coastal Habitat Restoration / Water Quality | +

Coastlines, Summer '01
- New Initiatives: Lobster, Hard Clam Research | +
- Why Does Brown Tide Thrive in Local Waters? | +
- Diving to Great Depths | +

Coastlines, Winter '01
- Aquatic Nuisance, Non-Indigenous
   and Invasive Species | +
- Currents: Coming Ashore Online / Teaching Youth | +

Coastlines, Summer '00
- Reeling in New Fisheries Research | +
- What's Happening to Long Island Sound Lobsters? /
   Seafood Education Ideal for FDA Compliance  | +
- Currents: Arrivals and Accolades | +
- Lake Learning on Champlain | +
- Seafood Corner: "Hard" Regulations for Clams | +

Coastlines, Winter '00
- Monitoring Change | +
- The Short Life of Little Pike's Inlet | +
- Seafood Corner: Cod | +

Coastlines, Fall '99
- Aliens in Our Watershed | +
- Seafood Corner: Monkfish | +

Coastlines, Spr/Sum '99
- Coast Watch ... on Lake Ontario | +
- Angler Alert: Concerns and Issues of Lake Ontario | +
- Fitting Together Pieces of the Brown Tide Puzzle | +

Rockefeller U features (1998 - 1999)
(a sampling)

Science Feature: "Examining Multidrug Resistance in
Cancer Treatment" (pg. 3) | +
(News & Notes, March 5, 1999)

"Lunch at the Abby Dining Room" (pg. 2) | +
(News & Notes, Jan 15, 1999)

Science Feature: "David Ho on AIDS -
The road to remission and the challenges ahead" | +
(News & Notes, Oct 30, 1998)

Science Feature: "NSHL Study -
RU geneticist searches for hearing-loss genes" | +
(News & Notes, Oct 9, 1998)

"Sharisse Brown: Rockefeller Housing’s 'welcome wagon'" (pg. 2) | +
(News & Notes, Oct 2, 1998)

My Reporter Days (1993-1998)
(a brief sampling)

Squeeze: Squeeze Play | +
(Interview feature, The East Hampton &
Southampton Independent newspapers)

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