What We Offer

Following an initial consultation, where you individual needs will be noted and discussed, PCF Designs.com, Inc.'s Paul C. Focazio will guide you through the registration process for your personal or business Web site's address (domain name or URL, the www.yoursitename.com, org, etc.). Other issues he'll address: a hosting plan (determining where your Rather be a Leader ...Web site will "sit" and costs involved) and E-mail accounts. Also, he'll determine if your site is information or transaction-based and suggest design methods accordingly.

Contact PCF Designs.com, Inc.'s Focazio and he'll discuss your options further - whether you're looking for site maintenance, a Web redesign or some new online content or graphic elements.

"I've got plenty of ideas to cast out for your online design," says Focazio, "so, why drown in today's 'sea of technology' when I can keep you afloat?"

Remember, PCF Designs.com, Inc. is your lifesaver for Web content, design and maintenance, as well as search engine optimization and online advertising.

"Suiting up your Web site with an address, hosting, and other services that will best fit your needs is what I'm all about," says Focazio. "I'll give you the keys to unlock the secrets of online advertising and explain the differences between natural listings and pay-per-click services to see which options suit your site best."

Web Content, Design and Maintenance

In today's ever-evolving economy - a mix of traditional companies and Web and E-commerce-based businesses - an online presence is vital. Not only for the "Amazon.com's" of the world, but also for the small upstarts, long-running companies that may not yet be Web-savvy, and for virtually anyone who wants a slice of virtual real-estate (even if it is to simply provide information and let people know that 'you're out there'). PCF Designs.com, Inc. can assist you with your Web content, design, maintenance, and promotion needs for both information and E-commerce-based Web sites.

An information-based Web site, one where there is no commerce transactions, just relays facts and figures to Web surfers, perhaps even about services being offered, but does not sell anything directly online. Examples of this type of Web site abound - everything from entertainment sites such as RollingStone.com to the personal or business pages of a college student, psychologist, or virtually anyone else.

Through an E-commerce-based Web site, such as Amazon.com, you can directly purchase books, CDs, and other items using your credit card over the Internet with either immediate or pending approval via a merchant service or manual machine. Design of these sites is more involved than basic information-based ones, requiring a database component (for such things as 'search-ability' of data on the items you offer) as well as purchasing or renting a shopping cart and accepting credit card transaction via a merchant service.

Search Engine Optimization

Launching a Web site is the first step to getting the word out about your business or ideas. That's the easy part. And, as more and more people offer their products for sale and post information to read online, the Internet is becoming inundated with waves of new sites.

Simply put, there is more out there to compete with, thereby infringing on your site's opportunities to get the recognition it deservers. Also, the average E-surfer will find it increasingly challenging to avoid getting caught in the Internet's growing undertow, or wealth of information.

And so, it's crucial to stay on top of the trends and the latest with search engines before news breaks. Rest easy, though and know that PCF Designs.com, Inc.'s Focazio will keep you aloat with what's happening in both the top and emerging search engines that people use to find what they're looking for. There are new search engines popping up frequently and, as you'll read in then news, existing ones merging with others quite often. These include, to name a few, Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Ask, AltaVista, HotBot and Lycos.

In a one-to-one "brainstorming" session with Focazio, the designer consultant will educate you about the inner-workings of the Internet and pinpoint the best places for you to spend your advertising dollars. He'll also offer you money-saving guidelines to streamline your look on the World Wide Web.

"The world of search engine recognition is an ever-changing one," says Focazio, "so, it's so important to get your site listed with natural listings - ones that will list you for a flat monthly or annual fee - and pay-per-click services - ones where clients bid on prime keywords and pay the amount bided every time a visitor clicks through to your site."

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