Who We Are

Founder, CEO and online consultant Paul C. Focazio created PCF Designs.com, Inc. in the Spring 2002, incorporating his business in the Fall 2003. Since then, he's been surfing through (and taking note of) the ever-ebb and flow of the World Wide Web's design and marketing tides. Yet, while Lost in Today's Sea of Technology?style trends change and approaches to Internet marketing evolve, he knows there's one constant: quality.

"The key to any successful Web site begins with effective content," says Focazio. "You can reveal the glossiest of Web sites to the world, but if the words don't pass as high a muster as the look, you're going to get lost in what I call cyberspace's 'big sea of technology.' Navigating through this sea’s seemingly limitless waters calls for more than just skill. The task also requires you to be an avid forecaster - to know when the next wave is going to break before it comes crashing down on you, your design and your marketing scheme."

In addition to identifying and addressing your content, graphics and Web design needs, PCF Designs.com, Inc. keeps an eye out for news on search engine launches, closures, mergers, improvements and regulations coming ashore. This helps us to more effectively 'reel in' a customized design and marketing strategy that will benefit the needs of you and/or your business. This type and measure of approach is what will keep you afloat in today's evolving sea of technology.

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